Wednesday, 27 January 2016

Long Track...!

                             LONG TRACK......

Leaving behind all those bosom friends
I opened the new gates of life and entered.
Expecting new beautiful moments and bends
And to have some reliable shoulders and winters

When I stepped in, it seemed a long track
As in it, to have true friends is just impossible.
But as days rolled, I got better ones to lean aback
Ones who are in the bracket of Incredible!

Like best moments always end up fast 
Only one year and everything will be past.
Everything was in a good pace
Though some perennial ups and downs found space.

I was accused without knowing the fact.
I was ignored of my poor performance or act.
I was distraughted  by the behavior and pain.
If i give up, all those years will be a vain.

But the door of friendship always have that spar
Which helps to rise again like a shining star.
Gives hopes that test and sadness aren't eternal
But just a part and parcel of life's journal.

Three years taught me many worthy things.
Care for the one who cares and ignore the one who pings. 
If things doesn't workout as you wished
Hope for the best which is already destined amidst.

At first it was tough to enter 
But now its hard to leave.
Some teachers always be my mentor
And some ties difficult to heave.

And now its time to taste something new
And time to step for the life ahead and it to sew.
But these span of years will be the most memorable
The time most cherished, to remain unforgettable.

Rubeena G.M
VI Sem B.A. English

Wednesday, 27 August 2014


Turn the pages of the past
Open the window for the vast
See what’s done for the future
Think of stuff that nourishes nature.
                     Find if the ways to end is curved
                     Ensure the thorns in life is cleared
                     Go through the lines full of dreams
                     By holding the colourful hopes.
Sometimes, one may see the pits in the ways
Try to fill it up with different ways
At last a huge mountain, climb it
A victory will await behind it-
A glazing victory!


Friday, 22 August 2014


                                 BALYAKKALA SAKHI
                       ‘Balyakkala sakhi is’ one of the famous love stories of Vaikam Muhammed Basheer. It is an everlasting work of Malayalam literature.No reader can forget the characters Majeed and Suhra and their tragic love. The story of novel depends on their love affair.
                           In the beginning of novel, the writer tells us about their childhood. Majeed belongs to a high class family. But his neighbor Suhra is very poor. They grew up together by seeing the pains and joys of life. Along with that their love also began to grow as a secret one. But situations changed in both of their life. Majeed was forced to leave his home by his father and when he returned things were different. Suhra was married and it made him very desperate. He tries to meet her and understands that she is not happy in her marital life. The story goes on. Majeed gets involved with marring off his sisters and making his life move forward with his job as a news paper boy in the city. He gives up the job when he looses his left leg in an accident. He does not inform this to any one. One day he gets a letter from his mother and happened to know that Suhra is dead. He lives on by earning money from cleaning the vessels in hotel.
                            This story is a simple and touching love story of Majeed and Suhra. It has a powerful theme and rhythm. This story gives memorable experience to the reader’s minds.

Friday, 15 August 2014


Gaza, oh my Gaza! My heart beats
For you my Gaza!
My tears shed for your needs…
What are you now, my Gaza…?
An isolated little prison?
My Gaza…how breaks your days?
I see your body in red colour
The redness
Now signifies the slaughtered land.
You…known for your holiness
Now remains as the arena of bloodshed.
What do you wish from me Gaza,
To stop your screams in my ears?-
Help to stop the malicious hands
Let me say to the world,
A real dual maybe in vain;
Rather take the holy verse
And pour the message of peace
Unto the ear holes of the wolves-
Let the magical spell work on them
And the evil minds stop,
In the anchor of the beneficent good-doers.



What is peace?
Peace is like a heaven-
To be enjoyed without restrictions.
Peace, like real freedom
Freedom, what is it?
It is like paradise.
Our government offer freedom to us
But…no people feel real freedom.
A new baby is born into the chains of restrictions.
Girl, controlled by her husband
Mother, by her children,
Until her death
No peace, no freedom.
Death - peaceful than birth!


Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Her very birth is a fight,
In this cruel world of might.
Struggle follows her everywhere;
But in her, she has that flare-
The flare to move on and achieve,
The flare to take care and perceive.
Girl is the second name of Hope,
She’s not a silly dope.
Girls conquer and prove,
Be it the land or the sky.
Girls never miss a try.
She rules the office; she rules the home.
She can discover elements, she can discover syndromes.
Unfortunate is the very existence of those who ridicule this gender;
Who degrade their being and call them a blender.
Let them not forget that they are here because of women.
Girls can not only do, but have already done everything-
To show they are in power.

~ Fathimathu Nuzra 

I woke up in the morning
With regrets! I love the
People who treat me right
Forgive the ones who don’t.
I believe that I know
Everything happens for a reason.
If you get a chance, take it;
If it changes your life let it.
No one said it be easy,
We can just promise
It would be worth it.

~ Faseela. P